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Our terms of any sale:
The buyer is responsible to read the listing in full and that we the seller will honor every word stated in our own description only [This is the information that we add ourselves to the listing!, word for word text that we type. You are responsible to reply to any of our messages we may need to contact you with with-in a said time, This could be us contacting you the buyer for a reason such as UMD / DVD region codes or any other reason. You are responsible to make sure you have access to your e-mails you use.

We are not to be held responsible for you the buyer making any mistakes i.e. buying any UMD’s or DVD’s / Games for the wrong region or used in the wrong DVD/Game system [These are clearly marked in our own description and we may have even tried to contact you for this reason] If you don’t listen and don’t reply this will be yours the buyers responsibility. We are happy to discuss any matter and we are here if you need any assistance, So please ask if you need to first.

Payment is to be made straight after your purchase using the checkout system or with-in the next few minutes passing by.

Best Offers & Discount Codes:
Payment is to be made straightaway!, or within 24 hours. Otherwise the items might increase to their original value or the deal or offer cancelled. Best offers or any items purchased using a Discount Code - if you wish to return any item, You will need to return the complete order purchase when you placed the order. If you use a Discount Code!, Use it correctly and don't attempt to use it to gain your advantage, These are clearly marked and are to benefit you but not to be abused.

Cancel an order:
You are welcome to cancel an order that has been paid for anytime before the item/s are dispatched [You will need to be quick though as we dispatch item/s very fast!, usually the same working day]. If you cancel an order once the item/s have been dispatched, you will need to return the item/s. There maybe be a cost involved if the item/s have been dispatched and will only cover our costs, So please think before buying.

Item/s can be returned if you wish with-in 14 days of receiving for whatever reason, There will be no need for anyone to make up any funny odd stories during this time, The terms of a return are as follows:- The item/s are to be returned unused and in the same condition as was sent [If the item/s are sold new and factory sealed!, then this means that we will except nothing less in return] The item/s must match to our photographic evidence sent with every order dispatched. The item/s will be weighed in and out of any packing used and photographed and in some odd cases video evidence will be obtained and maybe used in a criminal/ fraud investigation.

Missing item/s:
If you feel that an item is missing or lost!, In our defence!, We will list and publish the item/s in full detail on our information website until found or returned (This information will be live for anyone to see). Once found or returned these details will be removed.

Very rare but can happen!, If we find that an item is at fault we will make good any losses to a certain degree after we investigate. Standard practice is to replace first upon the return. This will once again go through our returns dept first (As stated above in Returns) We will then contact you with the outcome.

Contract of Sale Agreement:
These are our terms of sale and by you purchasing any items you are agreeing to these terms of sale in this contract and this is our (Us the Seller) and yours (The Buyer) contract of sale.


(Terms and Conditions - Updated 8th August 2016 / Updated 31st August 2017)

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